For the New Student

Welcome! We look forward to having you as part of the Gotta Dance Family!

Trial Policy:

All dance studios are different in how they organize their classes. To find the right class & level for you, Gotta Dance Studio offers free trial classes. Come to the studio, ask for a trial class slip at the front desk, and take the desired class for free! This gives you, the dancer, the opportunity to try out the class, meet teachers and decide whether or not the class is right for you. After your trial, make sure to sign up for the class to hold your spot if you liked it! We also offer a 1 week Trial Class Pass for $20!  Come in and take unlimited classes for one week!  Try them all! When you register, the registration fees will be waived, offsetting the cost of the pass!

In addition to a trial class, a student may also take an assessment class.  This is our way of evaluating your dancing skills and classroom etiquette to appropriately place you in the correct level of class that will encourage growth. Receive approval from the front desk and/or a teacher,  pick up an assessment slip, and give it to your teacher when you arrive to class. After the class, the teacher will have made a decision on the most appropriate level for you, so you can just bring the slip back to the front desk and register for the appropriate class.

Month-to-Month Commitment

We charge tuition based on a monthly rate. Once your sign up for your first class, you will be automatically enrolled for the next month! However, we all know life happens, and if anything comes up, you can simply let us know by the 5th of that current month in writing at the front desk, or via email, and we will make your account inactive and take that month’s tuition fees off.

Multiple Class & Sibling Discount

Gotta Dance offers an affordable tuition, and prides itself for lower dance costs than most studios in the valley. We offer a multiple class discount, where the more classes you take, the lower the price for each individual class. There is also a sibling discount for families with multiple dancers.  Please contact us for more information! Standard studio rates can be found on the class rates tab.

Miss A Class? Make it Up!

If you miss a class during the week, Gotta Dance will allow you to make it up at another time. The dancer has four weeks (or 30 days) after the missed class to make it up. Whether you were sick, stuck at work, or on vacation, just find a class of the same style and level (or one level below), or try something different, sign the “Make-Up Classes” sheet & get a make-up class slip from the front desk.  Then go right on in to your make up class at no cost! Make-up classes are also available to all students when the studio is closed for any holidays, spring break or winter break. Making up classes encourage students to keep up necessary skills throughout the year without falling behind.

Dress Code

  • Children’s Tap/Ballet Combo Classes (Ages 3-6): Any colored Leotard, Any Colored Tights, Ballet & Tap Shoes

  • Children’s Jazz/Hip Hop Combo Classes (Ages 4-5): Any colored form-fitting dance attire, Black jazz shoes or Street Shoes

  • Ballet Classes (ages 6 and up): Black Leotard , Pink tights, Pink Leather/Canvas Split-sole Ballet Slippers

  • Jazz Classes (ages 6 and up): Form Fitting Dancewear, Slip-On Black Jazz Shoes (sometimes tan required)

  • Contemporary Classes (ages 9 and up): Form Fitting Dancwear, Bare Feet and/or Nude Bear Paws

  • Tap Classes (ages 6 and up): Form Fitting Dancewear, Black Leather Lace Up Hard sole Jazz/Tap Shoes

  • Hip Hop Classes (ages 6 and up): Loose Fitting Dancewear, Street Shoes with non-marking Soles

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Class Requirements